In my teens I was a keen rugby player but decided to quit as I got older as I seemed to be a lot smaller than the other players. Weighing 140lbs at 5”11 I realised something had to be done. After joining a gym I started reading up on how to gain muscle, I instantly realised weight training and nutrition was going to play a massive factor in my life. Fast forward a few years with a serious motorbike crash involving surgery, followed by 2 slipped discs both requiring extensive rehab and retraining, I now stand 5”11, 240lbs.


I’m a national level bodybuilding champion with a high volume of national athletes across a wide variety of disciplines using my services, as well as countless satisfied everyday people, who have met their goals and are living a happier life.


Let me help you achieve your goals. Personal training is about helping you look, feel, and perform better than you ever thought possible. My focus is to motivate, inspire and encourage you along the way to reach and even surpass your goals. I specialise in: weight loss, muscle building, strength training, toning and sport-specific conditioning.

Whatever your fitness objectives, be it to lose weight, gain muscle, improve strength or increase stamina, I will create an individual training and nutrition programme to get you there.


Below you can see the before and after photos of me, proving I practice what I preach. 







        Barry Pitts  YMCA REPs Level 3

     Personal Trainer in Kingston, Surrey & London